Metafilter’s Telephone Pictonary

In March 2019, the MetaFilter community embarked on a worldwide game of Telephone Pictionary by snail mail, with 83 people contributing to 31 separate instances of the game. This page will be updated with scans and photos of the chains as they are completed.

Team Green Bullet
Team Singing Telegram
Team Comlink
Team Shoe Phone
Team Babel Fish
Team Black Square
Team Raven
Team Protean Charm
Team Mind-Meld
Team Pony Express
Team Whispering Wind
Team Jumbotron
Team Interocitor
Team Sub-Etha
Team Universal Translator
Team Semaphore
Team Esperanto
Team Diplomatic Pouch
Team Carrier Pigeon
Team Dirac Communicator
Team Decoder Ring
Team Smoke Signal
Team Heliograph
Team Magic Mouth
Team Floo Powder
Team Paper Plane
Team Golden Record
Team Ansible
Team Message in a Bottle
Team Ultrawave Relay
Team Pneumatic Dispatch